Maria Quiñones Sánchez

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‘Is she viable?’ Mayoral candidate María Quiñones Sánchez says her campaign has a bite.

“Quiñones Sánchez raised a total of $548,000 in 2022, according to a campaign spokesperson, and starts the new year with a sizable portion of that amount to kick off a crowded mayoral race…” Read More »

In Philadelphia, Gun Violence Supercharges an Unprecedented Mayoral Race
The Trace

“People talk about it from the data perspective and from the abstract. But this is what I live every single day,” she said. “I’ve done all that I can as a City Council member. Ultimately, policy and enforcement is decided by the mayor, and in this particular case, we have disagreed with their strategy, and I join with the residents of Kensington in saying, ‘We can’t keep doing this. It is unfair, it’s discriminatory.’” Read More »

Shakeup on Council Is Good, But These Former Councilmembers Leave Big Shoes to Fill
Philadelphia Magazine

“[S]he’s proven that you can be electable without compromising your principles.” Read More »

The race begins: Philly Council members Maria Quiñones-Sánchez and Derek Green are running for mayor
The Philadelphia Inquirer

“She is “unapologetic” about her belief that the next mayor should be a woman.” Read More »

The Race Begins …
The Philadelphia Sun

“If there is anyone among the current group of people either running for mayor of Philadelphia or considering the job that can speak to all or most of the city’s issues, it’s Maria Quinones-Sanchez.” Read More »

Gun violence will be a top issue for Philly’s next mayor. Where do the announced candidates stand?

“We should not be saying the D.A. and the police commissioner are not on the same page,” she said. “That is the executive’s role to say ‘we are going to have one common vision’… that is what’s missing, and that kind of leadership only the mayor can provide, to assure people that all of those components are working together.” Read more  »

Maria Quiñones Sánchez resigns from Philly council, launches bid for mayor
The Philadelphia Tribune

“I am a candidate for mayor, the first official candidate in the historic election.” She said that she wants to fix what she believes is a “broken city.” Read More »

The Philadelphia Citizen

SHE’S A MAVERICK, who has won four City Council races in her district — all without the support of the city’s Democratic machine. Read More »

Maria Quiñones Sanchez, Derek Green join race for Philadelphia mayor

Quiñones-Sanchez, who chaired the education and appropriations committees, acknowledged that the city has invested in secondary programs designed to help the most hard-hit communities, but she said greater leadership is necessary. Read More »

Maria Quiñones Sánchez resigns from Philly council, launches bid for mayor

“I want to do the work, and I think for [Mayor Jim] Kenney, getting into the weeds of that work was not what he wanted to do. It is exactly what I want to do.” Read More »

Maria Quiñones Sánchez is running for mayor: What to know about the Democratic party insurgent
Billy Penn

Philadelphia Councilmember Maria Quiñones Sánchez on Tuesday morning announced she is resigning her seat and officially declaring a run for mayor. Read More »

Equity and Growth — Oxymoron No Longer?
The Philadelphia Citizen

How can Philadelphia become the most equitable big city in America? Read More »

Mayor Kenney’s ‘safe’ budget is not good enough
Opinion by Maria Quiñones Sanchez | Philadelphia Inquirer

With unprecedented federal investment on the way, Philadelphia cannot miss this opportunity for bold action. Source: Mayor Kenney’s ‘safe’ budget is not good enough. Read More »

Big Improvements to Carmella Playground
Northeast Times

City Councilwoman Maria Quiñones Sanchez and others on June 1 celebrated the recently completed upgrades at Carmella Playground. Read More »

Portrait of a Political Badass
The Philadelphia Citizen

The councilwoman models how to get stuff done while speaking truth to power. Read More »

With Gun Buybacks, Philadelphia Fighting Uphill Battle
NBC News – Philadelphia

Philadelphia has regularly used gun buybacks as one of the tools in its arsenal to combat violence, but, while well-intentioned, these events may not be… Read More »

Philly Council intros bill to change developer-friendly housing incentive

Councilmembers Maria Quiñones-Sánchez and Jamie Gauthier have introduced a bill to change Philadelphia’s mixed-income housing bonus. Read More »

Esperanza Community COVID-19 Vaccination Center In North Philadelphia Opens To Public On Saturday
CBS Philly

FEMA is supporting the site. It is aimed at serving under-vaccinated populations, especially residents of color. Read More »