Maria Quiñones Sánchez

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English - Español - 简体中文 - العربية

Agenda Latina

The needs of the Latino community are unique and important. As a candidate for Mayor, I’ve seen that our perspectives, voices, and concerns have not been addressed by the pool of candidates.

Our community is young, growing, and an essential part of what makes Philadelphia special. How will you ensure that Latino Philadelphians are given respect, equal treatment, and access to opportunity?

Latino Representation - The Latino community is 18% of Philadelphia and growing.

Ensure Latino representation at every level of government including the mayor’s cabinet, department appointments, boards, commissions, vendors, and contracting opportunities.

Commit to job requirements reform including removing college requirements to better staff a diverse and representative workforce.

Language Access - Philadelphians speak 100 languages. Over 146,000 Philadelphians speak Spanish as their primary language.

Fulfill the charter’s language access mandate, including civil service reforms to allow priority for language diversity and pay equity.

Housing Equity - Philadelphia’s affordability crisis is hitting the Latino community hardest. 50% of Hispanic households are cost-burdened, the highest of any demographic.

Commit to directly subsidizing deep affordability at 30% AMI through a city voucher program to provide fixed rate housing.

Support and expand the affordable housing pipeline of the Philadelphia Housing Authority and Land Bank properties to create affordable housing in gentrifying South Kensington. 

Support Land Bank reforms to provide transparency and leverage public land for green space and community use, including community gardens and side yards.

Commerce Department & Small Businesses - The city must be more inclusive for all historically marginalized communities, and provide investment and support for the diverse small business networks that need access to their government.

Debundle city contracts to expand prime contractor opportunities for minority firms.

Poverty - Philadelphia is the poorest big city but we have created a potentially transformative public-private partnership with United Way.

Continue to support The Promise, including funding to expand the basic income pilot, expungement services, and housing supports. 

End policies that disrupt vulnerable families and address excessively high rates of child separation.

Support culturally competent providers who use trauma-informed practices to provide health and behavioral health services in vulnerable communities.

Education - With local control, a new superintendent, and federal relief funding, the next Mayor must renew our promise to provide Philadelphia families with a great K-8 school in every neighborhood and high school options that set young people up for success.

Create a School Building Authority to address capital and building needs. 

Support free tuition at Community College of Philadelphia. 

Work with the state and Building Trades to align CTE curricula with requirements for city licenses and union apprenticeship.

Public Safety - Public safety is about infrastructure investments, operating departments, and police reform.

Invest in a comprehensive city-wide camera program.

Support the residents of Kensington and fund the Restore Kensington plan.

Create a public safety data dashboard for system-wide transparency and honesty to the public about our criminal justice system.

Expand civilian roles within the Philadelphia Police Department, including a Chief Financial Officer and HR.

Pursue work rules changes in the Streets Department to allow for restorative justice programming to provide employment opportunities performing neighborhood services.

Direct the Water Department to fully execute the city’s tree plan, including sidewalk and infrastructure repairs.