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Maria's Vision for Philadelphia

My comprehensive public safety strategy reimagines the role of all government departments, while transforming the police and criminal legal system. With training, equipment, and innovation, all city workers will contribute to our public safety mission.

With hard-won local control of our schools, an improved fiscal outlook, and millions in federal funds to spend for pandemic recovery, now is the time we must ask – what is our promise to Philadelphia’s families?
In my administration, every city department will have an anti-poverty plan, and we will use every tool in the toolbox to create diverse, mixed-income neighborhoods with affordable housing, access to transit, good schools, and family-sustaining jobs.

Over the next ten years, we can grow our population to two million as Philadelphia’s infrastructure is fully built out – and ensure equity every step of the way. In Maria’s Administration, every single city department will have an economic opportunity and inclusion plan.

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