Maria Quiñones Sánchez

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Got it. 

Thanks for letting us know that you do not want to hear from my campaign. 

While you don’t want to be on our campaign email list at this time, here is a brief introduction in case you choose to come back and sign up at a later date. 

I’m Maria Quiñones Sánchez, candidate for Mayor of Philadelphia. For the last 14 years, I served as City Councilmember for the 7th District. From gun violence to decreasing city services, we need to use everything we’ve got to help our city. I invite you to learn more about my story, track record, and plans to become Philadelphia’s next mayor.

I am a pragmatic progressive – driven by my unwavering passion for helping vulnerable people in need. I moved to Philadelphia from Puerto Rico as a baby. My mom was a factory worker and my dad, a farmworker. I was raised in public housing before moving to Hunting Park. READ MORE >>

I’ve been working on Philadelphia’s frontlines for 30 years, 14 years on City Council. While on Council, I was Chair, Committee on Appropriations (budget), Co-Chair on Education, and Co-Chair, Special Committee on Poverty Reduction & Prevention. My expertise and wisdom from decades in the trenches is unmatched. I’m known for tackling impossibly complex problems, uniting leaders with opposing views, and getting things done.   READ MORE >>

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“SHE’S A MAVERICK, who has won four City Council races in her district — all without the support of the city’s Democratic machine.” READ MORE »

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“People talk about it from the data perspective and from the abstract. But this is what I live every single day,” she said. “I’ve done all that I can as a City Council member. Ultimately, policy and enforcement is decided by the mayor, and in this particular case, we have disagreed with their strategy, and I join with the residents of Kensington in saying, ‘We can’t keep doing this. It is unfair, it’s discriminatory.’”  READ MORE »

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“I am a candidate for mayor, the first official candidate in the historic election.” She said that she wants to fix what she believes is a “broken city.” READ MORE »